Examples of collocations with ‘effect’

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‘calming effect’ The release of stocks has improved the supply situation and had a calming effect on the market and on prices. (Source)
‘cumulative effect’ As more women become educated there is a cumulative effect on more households with respect to fertility. (Source)
‘energising effect’ While we often turn to herbal teas for relaxation, there are also various herbs which have a positive stimulating effect on the body. This energising effect is not as harsh as the one produced by coffee, it is a more natural boost. (Source)
‘detrimental effect’ Ineffective state aid has a detrimental effect on the internal market and economic competitiveness. (Source)
‘beneficial effect’ The sun has a beneficial effect on psoriasis, but lesions often spoil the summer for patients. (Source)
‘disproportionate effect’ Increases in energy prices have a disproportionate effect on low-income groups and increase the energy poverty of the disadvantaged. (Source)
‘adverse effect’ Excess drying, or excessively dry paper has an adverse effect and a negative impact on productivity and quality. (Source)
‘devastating effect’ These accidents often leave victims with catastrophic injuries that can have a devastating effect on their health, family and financial security. (Source)
‘immediate effect’ Delays in payments will render the agreement null and void with immediate effect. (Source)
‘far-reaching effect’ Diabetes, a disease where the body is unable to normally process glucose (sugar) to create energy, can have a far-reaching effect on overall health. (Source)
‘a snowball effect’ Most observers were expecting a sort of snowball effect: large firms would ask their subcontractors to switch to the euro, and they in turn would ask their suppliers to do so. (Source)
‘a ripple effect’ Women entrepreneurs can impact generations, creating a ripple effect by setting an example for young girls. (Source)
‘a domino effect’ Bulgaria and Romania are virtually bankrupt threatening a domino effect on Greek, Italian, and French banks. (Source)
‘a boomerang effect’ Supply and demand are often not independent of each other: interventions that increase supply can also increase demand, frequently resulting in little net improvement at best, and at worst in a counterproductive boomerang effect. (Source)
‘the butterfly effect’ I see leadership today as a question that changes the world, an action able to transform an organization, the butterfly effect. (Source)
‘the greenhouse effect’ The increase of carbon dioxide, and smaller quantities of other gases in the atmosphere, is contributing to the “greenhouse” effect that prevents heat escaping into space. (Source)
‘the placebo effect’ The balance between body and mind has a positive influence on our health, just like the placebo effects of some pills or strange therapies. (Source)
Some representative images for 'beneficial effect', 'calming effect', 'domino effect' and 'energising effect'.

Some representative images for ‘beneficial effect’, ‘calming effect’, ‘domino effect’ and ‘energising effect’.



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