Some multi-word expressions

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Multi-word expression



A young person who goes to another country to live and study in an exchange program will probably look back on the trip as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Installation of the lamps can be carried out quickly and easily by an experienced do-it-yourself enthusiast.


If you need some additional help setting up and using your new phone, see the basics section for helpful how-to information.


Choose healthy, quick, and easy-to-grab foods such as little bags or containers of ready-to-eat vegetables (i.e., celery sticks, cucumber wedges, and cherry tomatoes).


When children solve a problem together they start feeling competent and have a can-do attitude toward all problems.


We don’t want our candidates to be forced into a do-or-die situation, but doing a little work every day to finally do their best.


Separate what’s essential for you from what’s simply desirable, and eliminate any shopping carts from your list that don’t have those must-have features.

no-win situation

The employer may be in a no-win situation if the team refuses to accept such a candidate.

wake-up call

This is very far from the agreed target, and is a wake-up call for the urgency of providing good quality education for all.

peer-to-peer network

The structure of the peer-to-peer network is divided into two stratums: the P2P overlay stratum and the transportation stratum.

hands-on experience

They were also given hands-on experience with live projects in relevant areas and training in laboratory and field techniques through visits to sites of marine significance.


We are convinced that only a rule-based system can guarantee that commitments are enforced and that all Member States are treated equally.


Participating countries will benefit from advanced training of engineers and technicians in state-of-the-art fields and techniques.


This young mom-to-be needs advice in preparing for her baby.


All we have are mom-and-pop stores, where lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains usually cost more.

– take-out– take-home

– super-size

When dining out or ordering take-out food, ask for a take-home box or avoid super-size selections when you order.


Separately, stir-fry the onion (cut into rings) until soft, then add the cinnamon, saffron, raisins, sugar and a little water.


The 43-year-old actor was spotted taking the time to sign autographs for fans who had waited outside.


But with warnings that time is running out for a two-state solution, some still think he will try to lay the ground for some greater effort to restart talks, our correspondent says.

one-off tax Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades is meeting party leaders to hammer out a Plan B after a one-off tax on savings failed to get the support of any MPs.
crisis-stricken bank

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble warned Cyprus that its crisis-stricken banks might never be able to reopen if it rejected the bailout.


South Korea’s Communications Commission suspected a cyber-attack. However, the BBC was later told that experts had concluded it was not a denial-of-service attack, of the kind South Korea has experienced in the past.


Film-maker Danny Boyle picked up one of the two honorary judges’ awards.


The Oscar-winning director was recognised for his opening ceremony to the London 2012 games.

out-of-hours care

In Sweden, it is up to local government regions (known as municipalities) to decide whether they want to offer publicly funded out-of-hours care.

stay-at-home mother

Wallin, who now runs a business with her husband, says she felt pushed into using childcare for her first children, because of a “social stigma” against stay-at-home mothers.



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